Best HipHop Songs in 2009 – A Top 25 list by Kevin Nottingham

Am 17. Januar 2010 unter Tracks Beitrag teilen:

Kevin Nottingham has created an interesting Top 25-list of best HipHop songs in 2009. They say, it wasn’t that easy to narrow down the Top25, but the one they definitely agreed on is
Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” as #1

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Kevin Nottingham’s Top 25 of best Hip Hop songs in 2009:
1. Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
2. CunninLynguists ft. Killer Mike & Khujo Goodie – Georgia Remix
3. Jay-Z ft. Alica Keys – Empire State of Mind
4. Cyne – Pretty Apollo
5. Raekwon – Surgical Gloves
6. Mos Def ft. Slick Rick – Auditorium
7. Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, Drake & Kanye West – Forever
8. Max Minelli – Louisiana Sky
9. Alchemist ft. Twista & Maxwell – Smile
10. Brother Ali – The Preacher
11. Clipse – Freedom
12. K-Rino – Grand Deception
13. Blitz The Ambassador – Something To Believe
14. Method Man & Redman – Ayo
15. Finale – Heat
16. Pill – Glass
17. G-Side – This Is Life
18. Raekwon ft. Jadakiss & Styles P – Broken Safety
19. Fashawn – Freedom
20. Blakroc ft. Raekwon – Stay Off The Fuckin Flowers
21. Sean Price & Buckshot – The Feeling
22. Guilty Simpson & Madlib – Coroner Music
23. Diamond District – Streets Won’t Let Me Chill
24. Dynas ft. Slick Rick – Family Jewels
25. Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah & Method Man – New Wu

Über Can

Hamburg // Hat Rap-N-Blues 2009 ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seine Begeisterung für Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul und Reggae-Musik. Dazu all den anderen Bums, den er feiert.

6 Comments to Best HipHop Songs in 2009 – A Top 25 list by Kevin Nottingham

  1. Fry

    Pretty solid, but did you just feel compelled to include lil wayne n drake? You know you don’t HAVE to do anything. You actually gain more credibility from the interweb residents if you do not include ass-clowns that can’t rap in your lists. Also, meth n red had so much better songs on their album than “ayo”

  2. Trephining

    “Grand Deception” was the first K-Rino song I ever heard when I found it on youtube, but it wasn’t labelled properly. I listened to it a bunch of times before someone in the comments section identified it as K-Rino. So back to the search function with “K-Rino” and holy crap. He has seriously dozens of songs with amazing lyrics.

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