DJ Adlib – Tales from The Tablist (Mixtape)

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Tales from The Tablist

Melting Pot Music‘s finest DJ Adlib has compiled this mixtape in 2002. Now its available for free download. Feature appearances by Mr. Complex, Five Deez, Quasimoto, Lord Finesse and many others.

Stay tuned for DJ Adlib’s Hi-Hat Club record “Haus & Garten”, to be released soon. See below for tracklist and download link.

Classic mix tape from 2002. DJ Adlib is wrapping up his Hi-Hat Club record “Haus & Garten”. To be released anytime soon. (DJ Adlib)

Stream: DJ Adlib – Tales from The Tablist

Tracklist: Tales from The Tablist

BJ Digby “Surrender”
Dave Ghetto “Eye Level”
Dj Serious – “We Recognize” feat. Clas
Rip Shop “Shoplif” feat. Mr Lif
Planet Asia “Living’ It Up”
Geology “Communicate” feat. Sadat X
Kan Kick “Live As It Gets” feat. Oh No
Mission “Mission 2″ (Remix)
Mr. Complex “Taboo”
DVD “The Natural”
Wee Bee Foolish “This Kid”
Lacksidaisycal “Nothing going on”
Lone Catalysts “Unity”
Geology “Shorty”

Intro feat. Blabbwona
Declaime “Still Waters”
Five Deez “Stupid”
Swamburger “Socialize”
Kazi & Oh No “You wanna take this”
Truth Enola “All alone”
Montana “Titel Unkown”
Quasimoto “Confused”
Mad Men “Mad mad world”
Lord Finesse “Down for the Underground”
O.C. “Showtime”
Diggin’ Deeper
INI “Fakin’ Jax” (Instr.)
Thrust “Remember when”


Tales from The Tablist (by DJ Adlib)


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