Interview with City Haze pt. 2

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Interview with City Haze

The interview pt. 2

Part one available here: Interview with City Haze.

A few days ago, City Haze from NY took some time to make an exclusive interview with us. This is the second part of the interview, where City Haze is talking about where to go to eat on a blue sky sunny day in NY, comparisons about his voice and tour plans for the coming tour-season.

Rap and Blues:

Where and what do you like to eat in summer in NYC? Tell us a nice spot to go to when in NYC, blue sky sunny day and listening to “Lovin It”.

City Haze:

Go to Dallas BBQ’s on 42nd! Bangin spot if your trying to enjoy a great meal.

Rap and Blues:

Do you get a lot comparisons? I hear a young Fa-bo-lo-us and Loon in your voice. Who do you grew up with, musicwise?

City Haze:

I’ve been compared to a bunch of people. It got to a point where people finally came to their senses that I just have my own style. I grew up listening to a bunch of 80/90’s R&B, Pop and Rock music. I didn’t start listening to Hip-Hop until I was a teenager.

Rap and Blues:

With your Universal deal in the bag, any tours planned? USA, Canada, Europe? Give us a preview into 2011.

City Haze:

Right now we’re working on setting up a tour for me to perform throughout the USA and Europe. In 2011 I’m down to just perform all year around, I’ve put in a lot of work in 2010 and I’m pretty sure the fans are ready to finally see me perform all of their favorite City Haze records.

Exclusive: Interview with City Haze pt. 2

Rap and Blues:

If you come to Germany you are welcome in our studio, we will hook you up with some quality music and perhaps some Hamburg Haze, thanks and good luck from Rap and Blues!

City Haze:

Thanks for the support fellas! Im looking forward to the visit. Peace!

Interview by Aviator. Part 1 of the interview is available here.

Free tracks:
→ Download: City Haze – Nothin’ Ova Doe
→ Download: City Haze feat. Beats Myth – Hot 16

Über Can

Hamburg // Hat Rap-N-Blues 2009 ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seine Begeisterung für Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul und Reggae-Musik. Dazu all den anderen Bums, den er feiert.

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