Interview with Max Tannone pt. 2

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Part two of the interview with Max Tannone. The producer from New York City talks about places to relax in his home town, hip-hop roots, plans for the future and other topics. The first part of the interview is available here. Read on below:

Best music-shop in Town, to your opinion?

Turntable Lab on 7th street between 1st avenue and avenue A. They sell equipment too, and some graffiti stuff. They have carried some of my bootlegged records before. Its like a b-boy’s one stop shop, expensive again though.

If you had time to kick-back and relax, where would it be in NYC?

Just walking around the neighborhood, checking out Tompkins Square or Washington Square Park. There are always street performers or artists, something interesting going on. I like to keep it pretty low-key, nothing too crazy.

Your mashup albums are very famous in Underground Hip-Hop, how began your connection to Hip-Hop?

It’s just the music I listen to. When I was younger I got really into the Beastie Boys and a little later on groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, and The Roots. I like to discover similar artists and learn about certain scenes or movements. Going back and researching stuff I don’t know about is always enlightening. I feel like I’m learning more about hip-hop discovering older artists than keeping up with whats new. I haven’t been too inspired by much new hip-hop. You just listen to what you like, I like the groups and people that I remix, its music that I connect to on one level or another.

Tell us a little bit about any reaction´s about the artists, which you used for your projects. There was a rumor, Jay-Z did react on twitter positevly?

All of my interaction with artists has been positive. Jay-Z said there were a few gems on Jaydiohead via Twitter, which was nice to hear. The Beastie Boys were supportive of my remix project with them, as they posted several of the tracks on their website.I also recently got to meet Talib Kweli, who said that he was feeling Dub Kweli. Again, this was pretty cool to hear. I look up to these artists, so to get a positive reaction from them is the best compliment or validation I could receive.

What is next in the life of Max Tannone?

Just working on more music, remix projects, and whatever piques my curiosity. I’m beginning to think of my next project, and am also doing an EP with a local hip-hop artist based on one of my favorite science fiction movies. I would give more details, but its in the beginning stages and I want to make sure it works out before announcing it. (editor’s note: here it is – Selene). I appreciate you taking the time to read my interview, and if you want to stay current on what I’m doing, join my facebook page and follow me on Twitter. Peace!

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Interview by Aviator.

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