Interview with Omega Red pt. 1

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Exclusive Interview with Omega Red pt. 1

In the first part, the rapper from Boston is talking about how he become his alter ego Omega Red, misconceptions about the relationship to his aunt Donna Summer, his time in the US Air Force and what he think about entertainment in the rap business. Read on below:

How has the Marvel Universe inspired you, is the name Omega Red taken from there?

Actually my name was inspired back when I was incarcerated. I was known as Red because because my beard can sometimes have that tint. Omega caught on as I was said to be rapping about the truth. As far as the Marvel thing, who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to have superhuman powers?

For those who know, the character of Omega Red ist very polarising, so are you-tell us a little?

Omega Red the character had superhuman powers. Like in real life, if you are gifted and talented, there are people who either support you or hate on you. I can’t help that I’m confident in what I do. I guess some people can’t handle that.

Exclusive: Interview with Omega Red pt. 1

As Nephew of Donna Summer, one could say the entrance to the music biz must have been easy, was it?

This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions out there about my relationship with my aunt. All of my success up until now has to do with the hard work of me and my crew. We earned everything that we have now. It’s certainly great to be associated with my aunt, and we have done some records with her. But there’s certainly no golden ticket nor did I ever expect that there would be.

For struggling rappers this could be a huge aim?

The keys to success is to grind and to educate yourself how the music business works. Many artists spend too much time worrying about others and not enough on their own craft.

You were in the Air Force, you have seen different places on earth, what did you learn about different people and life?

I got to travel to all parts of the world, and saw so many types of peoples and cultures. I’ve found that we more in common than differences. We all have our struggles and we also like to let loose too. This has been an invaluable experience for me as far as writing music that reaches a wide audience.

We have seen 50 Cent destroy Rick Ross and a rap bizz going more and more hollywood-ish. Do you think the rap business is now like the World Wrestling Foderation or like the popmusic business in the 80´s?

That’s entertainment for you. Shock value grabs attention, whether it’s positive or negative, real or not real. I don’t necessarily agree with this but that’s how the business can work.

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Interview by Aviator.

To get more familiar with Omega Red, be sure to take a look at his free mixtape Redtape Vol.3.

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