Marteria – Heidelberg (Music Video + Tour Blog)

Am 24. April 2012 unter Videos Beitrag teilen:


Here is some footage material of rapper Marteria‘s “Zum Glück Zur Zukunft” Germany Tour from 2010. At first, Marteria talks about the meaning of Heidelberg-City in german Hip-Hop history. The scene is followed by a funny reinterpretation of Torch‘s german rap classic “Wir Waren Mal Stars“. At the end of the video you see some live and backstage footage.

The video is directed by Paul Ripke, who recently released the short movie “Grüner Samt” with Marteria’s alter ego Marsimoto. Fans of german hip-hop should also take a look at the “40 Years MC Torch – A Guided City Tour Through Heidelberg” mini documentation.

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