Odd Future Talk presents: Unreleased Volume 4 (Sampler)

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Unreleased Volume 4

Odd Future Talk releases another installement of unreleased Odd Future music, which hasn’t seen the light of day. Volume 4 includes 13 songs, remixes and freestyles with feature appearances by Jack Mushroom, Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator. Music production from J Hawk, Tyler, The Creator.

Previous parts are available here.


01. Tyler, The Creator – Fuck This Election
02. Hodgy Beats – Kush On My Mind (Produced by J Hawk)
03. Mike G – Untitled
04. Syd Tha Kyd – Fog (Instrumental)
05. Skoolie ThreeHundred – Freezer Box (featuring Jack Mushroom) (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
06. Jade – Secret Lover (featuring Hodgy Beats)
07. Tyler, The Creator – Herpes on My Lip
08. Pyramid Vritra – Green Stars (Instrumental)
09. Skoolie ThreeHundred – Breez (Blow Remix) (featuring Tyler, The Creator)
10. Hodgy Beats – Love Melody
11. Jack Mushroom – Royalty (Snippet) (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
12. The Super 3 – Beat
13. Tyler, The Creator – Raw Freestyle


Unreleased Volume 4 (by Odd Future Talk)


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