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Backspin FM – Folge 85 (Soulbrotha and P!Jay Special)

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Here is a Backspin FM special about Hamburg-City finest Soulbrothas DJ 12Finger Dan and B-Base and rap group P!Jay. Two groups whose musical influence is characterized by classic boombap sound. Together they have a collabo EP in the pipeline. The project is titled That’s It and will release on vinyl... Read more

Soulbrotha Feat. Finsta – Won’t Stop (Collectors Item)

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Step aside, headlights on…Finsta! BK representing 2 the fullest! Finsta teamed up in the 90s with his DJ Bundy and dropped some ill records like Feel The High or Don´t Stress Tomorrow. Feel The High Pt. II from ´97 was featured on Premier´s Reality Check LP, so many cats know... Read more

Soulbrotha Feat. Mykill Miers – Micfight (Collectors Item)

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The Hitchcock of Hip Hop! Usually Mykill is a beast on the mic! But to me he could went harder on this one. It was a bit tough to get the whole files from his recording-session. He had sent me mp3-versions of the verses first. ... Read more