Trashcam Project: Dumpsters With Pinhole Cameras in Hamburg-City (14 Pics)

Am 27. April 2012 unter Photography Beitrag teilen:

All images © Matthias Hewing.

Some sanitation workers from Hamburg-City and Photographer Matthias Hewing put their skills together for this unconventional art project. They turned big dumpsters into pinhole cameras and toured their favorite spots in Hamburg-City. At all spots, they captured amazing black-and-white photographs of the city. The picture above shows a spot at the port of Hamburg.

See below for the photo-series and a “how-it-works” statement by the photographer.

Put the box in the right place. Measure the light (we used an old gossen lightmeter). Calculate the right time according to the diameter of the hole and the ASA of your paper. Open the hole. Get a coffee and wait. Development is a bit tricky. We did it at the place and with the help of Hamburg based photographer Matthias Hewing who learned all the chemical stuff a few decades ago. (From: Matthias Hewing)

Spot: Hamburger Dom – a large funfair held in Hamburg

Spot: Hamburger Town Hall

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Spot: Hamburg-Altstadt – The historic district of Hamburg

Trashcam Project Hamburg
Spot: Hamburg Hafen-City – A new distric and one of the largest rebuilding project in Europe.

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Spot: Hamburg Inner-City

Gruner & Jahr publishing company branch office

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Über Can

Hamburg // Hat Rap-N-Blues 2009 ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seine Begeisterung für Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul und Reggae-Musik. Dazu all den anderen Bums, den er feiert.

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