Vienna Graffiti (21 Pics)

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Vienna Graffiti
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In June 2011, I was travelling Vienna-City/Austria, visiting a friend of mine. It was a great time. We had a lot of fun, including hanging out with some rapping guys from Vienna, who performed a four hours freestyle session at Club Einbaumoebel.

Because I’m interested in Graffiti too, I went to the Nordbruecke Donau. This is a famous spot in Vienna where Graffiti artists show up their talents. The pictures were shot with the camera of my smartphone. It’s not the best camera, so please excuse the low quality. Photos of the freestylesession are listed below.

By the way: One year later, I was travelling Italia. I watched the football game San Marino vs. Finnland in the national stadium and took photos using the same camera. Unfortunately the memory card of the smartphone was damaged and most of the pictures were removed on my hard disc. I used this Data recovery software to restore the pictures. I was lucky, the software saved all pictures. After that experience, I bought a brand new camera: Casio Exilim EX-ZR300. It features a 12.5x zoom lens and pretty fast processors, which offers very fast focus times. Another cool feature is that the camera shots at least 500 pics per charge. So I usually have to charge the battery every 4-5 weeks and that’s just great.

Vienna Graffiti:

Spot: Nordbrücke Donau, Vienna
Train Station: U6 Alte Donau

Vienna Graffiti

Freestyle Session at Club Einbaumoebel:

Über Can

Hamburg // Hat Rap-N-Blues 2009 ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seine Begeisterung für Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul und Reggae-Musik. Dazu all den anderen Bums, den er feiert.

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